currahee-506: Florence + The Machine ~ No Light, No Light

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indigodreamsRy Cooder; Houston in Two Seconds from ‘Paris Texas’

suicideblonde: 1968 The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison, The White Album)

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ielzin: Enya - Less Than A Pearl

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hauteclassical: Étude #11 In A Minor, “Winter Wind”, Op. 25, by Frédéric Chopin; Performed by Murray Perahia

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breezingby: [George Ivan] Van Morrison (Northern Irish, 1945) ~ Brown Eyed Girl; original Version via chlen69

oranc: Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5 in D minor op. 47 - 4. Allegro non troppo; 11:00

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redwingjohnny: Kid Rock (Robert James [Bob] Richie, 1971)~ Picture; featuring Sheryl Crow

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breezingby: ZZ Top: Gimme All Your Lovin’ by MusicForTheCountry ♫♪ ~ _________ [Fill in the blank] “-day” Morning Wake Up! ~ ♫♪

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i12bent: 1966 The Beatles ~ Eleanor Rigby; from Revolver, via sleepdeprivedandlonely

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breezingbygoldengraham7245andsingle: Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime,45 rpm single. A long-running staple of just about every “Summertime” mix I’ve ever made. ”on my Mind” ~ Always!

breezingby: 1967 The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour via LucasTangney  … “That’s an Invitation…” ~ ♫

vlhorowitz: 1979 Vladimir Horowitz ~ Nocturnal Revel [Nachtstücke in D-flat major, Op.23 No.3] Robert Schumann (German, 1810-1856)

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i12bent: … and today was Judy Collins’ 73rd birthday …

1968 Judy Collins ~ Someday Soon; from “Who Knows Where the Time Goes

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denisobell: 1967 The Rolling Stones ~ Ruby Tuesday

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